Try to stop Covid: Broadcast your recent social encounters to others around you

As of November 2020, Covid continues to spread. This project gives you a way to contribute to slowing it.

How? Suppose you go out in public and someone you encounter has been in a "Covid-unsafe" situation. (Like at a crowded gathering without wearing a mask and no social distancing.) If they became infected at their gathering, they may have unfortunately now infected you, and you may go on to infect others, continuing the spread.

Suppose you could somehow know you've encountered the Covid-unsafe person?

This project, involves you making and carrying a small electronic device. It allows you to inform others about your recent social situations and likewise from them (Covid-safe or not).

The device is made from readily available parts costing less than $20. It does not involve an app or mobile phone, and is driven by free software. It is anonymous and does not use the Internet or GPS. It never asks for your name, email, or any health information.

It may be an ideal project for students, to get them involved in looking out for the Covid-safety of their school or community. We've developed a teacher's lesson guide.

Why the 2, 2, and 2?

2 #1: Covid has a r0=2

2 #2: Maybe lie low for 2 days

2 #3: Make one for 2 others

How can I participate?

Buy an ESP32 and a battery pack for about $20 (or less on eBay). Then do the few steps shown here. (More details on our Instructables and Github pages.)

I Made one. Now what?

Audacious goals

We know! Yes. We know. But...uhh... (Courtesy: Johns Hopkins)

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